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Shrub Nutrition

Rich color. Long life. And Beautiful blooms. Our expert nutrition program provides everything plants need - in every season of the year.  

Shrub Pruning

Beautiful shrubs begin with proper pruning. Starting with early season cuts, we create the structure your plants need to thrive.  Form is just the beginning. Proper pruning is beautiful, powerful, and custom-fit to your landscape. It changes everything. Shrubs grow stronger, last longer, & look better. Color is more vibrant & blooms last longer. This service is our signature & a standard part of every Care Option.

Bed Weed Control

Landscape catches the eye. So keeping it free from the distraction of weeds is a must. We put great care into prevention. And remain vigilant. So anything that pops-up, is controlled right away.

Bed Grooming

Bed-care wouldn’t be complete without spectacular bark-mulch grooming. Bark-mulch is more than beautiful. It protects your landscape. And our specialized bed grooming service takes the benefit it provides, further than ever before.