Lawn Fertilization

Vibrant-green, lush, & robust. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on our professional analysis & nutrition program to keep your lawns growing green and gorgeous all-year-long.

Lawn Weed Control

We work hard to keep weeds from ever showing up in your lawn. If they do, we will quickly spot and eliminate them. With Signature, complete lawn weed control is guaranteed.

Lime Application

We apply lime to help balance soil pH. This improves nutrient availability, rooting and microorganism activity. In short, we improve lawn health so your grass looks better.


Insect Control

Ongoing analysis means we are the neighborhood watch for your lawn. If root feeding insects start to throw a party, were going to see it and before they trash the place, we're gonna shut them down. 


Moss Control

There is a creature called moss. He loves to invade lawns in Oregon but we know how to evict him. The trick is to tame this beast and feed your lawn at the same time so he's moving out while your grass is moving back in. It's simple, if there is no room for him, he can't return. Our service is the best way to say "Goodby icky Moss Monster, hello grass!"