Eco Plus combines organic blend fertilizers, organic weed control, Lawn Care+ services, commodity conservation, and an annual bark mulch application to deliver a Signature level service program that is greener than ever.


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Organic Care

Greener. In every sense of the word.
Oregonians love the great outdoors whether it's for meeting friends, playing with pets or watching our kids play on the lawn.  So we care a lot about things like "ecological impact." That is why we created Eco+.  It combines orgainic blend fertilizers, organic weed control, lawn care+ and conservation services with an annual mulch application, to provide you with the organic care you and your property deserve.

bark-mulch service

We’ve gotcha you covered.
Bark mulch is both beautiful and practical. Functioning like an organic blanket it helps insulate soil, moderate ground temperature, and reduce summer water loss.  What makes it absolutely essential is it's unique ability to organically control moss and weeds.  Routine application of up to an inch per year is included to ensure your shrub beds remain ever and always, beautifully protected.